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About Mutts Manners and Obedience

How it all began

10 years ago, I started a Professional Dog Walking Business called Mutts on the Move, after 30+ years in the health profession. 9 months into operation I rehomed a client’s dog due to his unpredictable behaviour and the recent arrival of a newborn into their family. He came to me with a bite history and was known to Council.

He was a spitfire. He was lovable and affectionate with his chosen family, but unpredictable and potentially dangerous with strangers and other dogs. Through him I found a training method that worked well for both of us, and with the support and encouragement of the trainers, was able to keep him safe and happy.

I was so impressed with the training that I pursued the trainers course myself and became a Certified Trainer in 2020. Soon after Mutts Manners and Obedience was born.

Even though Razz is no longer by my side, having passed away unexpectedly in 2021, his legacy lives on, as I assist other people with their dogs, providing the tools for them to achieve the well-rounded and well-mannered dog they wished for.

Sally Williams


Missy 2IC

Missy arrived on our doorstep at around 16 weeks of age, after a particularly unpleasant start to life. She was tiny, skinny, and scared. She came through the Trainers course with me, at 18 months of age, and gained confidence and a spirit that inspires other people.

She accompanies me to sessions, where it is safe, to show what can be achieved with training and consistency, and is a great role model for other dogs.

She enjoys a good run, climbing trees, overcoming challenges and recently, has been introduced to K9 Nosework, which she absolutely loves.